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About that Word Crimes video…

Yes, this one:

Many (most?) of my friends have sent me this video over the past week, and I’ve got to be honest. I think it’s funny. As a language lover and someone who is sick to death of the original “Blurred Lines” song, I got a genuine kick out of the parody. Every. Single. Time. But after a colleague suggested that it might be my theme song (which don’t get me wrong, I also thought was funny), I thought it might be time to set the record straight about my take on word crimes (the acts, not the video).

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Academic writing: maybe we’re doing it wrong

In all of my time in and around academia, there’s one thing that I’ve never quite been able to understand about how it works:

Writing is perhaps THE most important thing we do in academia. We supposedly write our way through our undergrad degrees, we write our theses & dissertations, we write research proposals, we write journal articles and book chapters and textbooks. Writing is both the intellectual and the career advancement currency of the academic enterprise.

Yet, one of the most common complaints I hear from academics — regardless of the discipline or year that they teach —  is that students are lacking the basic writing skills necessary for them to succeed.

What gives?

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Five common grammatical mistakes explained with pancakes

Tuesday, March 4th (March forth, get it?) is National Grammar Day. This year, it also happens to be Pancake Tuesday, the day when we’re all supposed to confess our sins and stuff ourselves with pancakes before Lent.

I’m not so crazy about Lent, but grammar and pancakes? On the same day? You mean I can make pancakes in the shape of punctuation marks for…um…educational purposes?

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